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Ok, I got it
If you want free games consoles there are a few websites you can go to that send you games consoles in return for completing ONE offer (eg. A LOVEFiLM DVD Rental free trial). It is extremely easy to do, just go onto the websites below, and sign up, complete the requirements and they will send you a brand new games console of your choice!

for a free Xbox 360 go to - http://www.xbox-360-free.com/

for a free Nintendo Wii go to - http://www.nintendo-wii-free.co.nr/

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for a free PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, iPod go to - http://www.free-games-consoles.com/

It's not a scam, companies had to find new ways of getting people onto their sites because pop-up blockers have been so successful, so they found the only way to do it was to offer people free stuff (like games consoles, ipods etc.) for registering on their site.

its totally legit and has been proven to work by the BBC and others.

Here's my Xbox Live Gamercard that im using on the Xbox 360 I got for free from these websites!

Video telling you how to get yourself a free Wii!